CardKill® Credit and Debit Card Fraud Reduction Software

CardKill® is different from any other fraud solution in the marketplace today.
Other products attempt to identify large "cash out" transactions and block the purchase during the authorization cycle.  They try to profile a customer and guess whether a transaction is legitimate or not.  With false positive rates as high as 20%, they create expensive workloads for call centers and risk alienating customers with embarrassing "card declined" experiences.

CardKill® is different.  We profile the criminals instead of the customers, and have thousands of "signatures" that indicate a card is working its way through the underground or getting prepared for a cash out.  Instead of waiting until the attack occurs, we catch the precursors and can terminate or "kill" cards sooner.

BOTTOM LINE:  CardKill® software preemptively identifies, locates, and terminates stolen credit and debit cards before they are used in fraud.


The US experiences over $5 billion in debit, credit, and prepaid card losses annually from payment card fraud.  This results in an estimated $16B in bottom line loss for issuers, acquirers, and merchants when forensics, lawsuits and misclassified user loss is included, even with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PRM, Falcon, Cybersource, and Kount fraud detection services in place.  Card fraud is complex because thinking humans deploy attacks, harvest data, cash out cards, and know how to circumvent legacy fraud reduction systems.


CardKill® is designed to defeat humans attempting card fraud.  It discovers seemingly unrelated card activity that is a known precursor to fraud, and identifies cash-outs in progress.  Today's systems focus on a single card transaction with a yes or no result.  Unlike CardKill® they do not identify cloned cards before they are cashed out.  We do not replace existing anti-fraud investments — we augment and improve upon them.


Our software will immediately bring down fraud losses for the Issuer.  We reduced one client's fraud rate from over 25 basis points to under 5 in less than a year.  Ongoing use of our software and advanced analytical techniques renders a previously vulnerable issuer undesirable to criminals by reducing the value of stolen card data.

For example, our review of a California-based grocery store compromise identified a fraudulent "test" terminal in use THREE WEEKS BEFORE the date forensic examiners estimated the fraud began.

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